Aven Jekhetane

Educational Project

Aven Jekhetane brings workshops and concerts for primary and secondary schools across Slovakia aiming to raise awareness of cultural diversity, critical thinking and to raise their interest in Roma culture.

The lectors are members of “O Gadže Bašaven” band, whose message is to make Roma music and dance available to the widest audience possible, promote cultural dialogue between minority and majority, and point out how misleading stereotypical views are.

The workshops consist of various activities, discussions, quizzes about Roma culture, sharing personal experiences, storytelling and Roma dance and singing workshops. The project ends with a concert of “O Gadže Bašaven” band. The project is designated for students of all kinds of social-cultural environments.


Pavol Viecha, Julia Kozáková, Peter Leto, Michal Smetana, Matúš Kyseľ, Maroš Čižmárik, Libuša Bachratá, Maroš Čižmárik


Šima Müller, Zuzana Knězeková, Ctibor Bachratý