May 2024

May 2024 

Viecha’s performance You Will Have a Wild Night! will be part of the program at one of the biggest and most prestigious international festivals of Roma projects in the world, the Khamoro Festival, in Prague, Czech Republic! If you’re there, don’t miss it!

April 2024

In April 2024, the 4th year of the educational program Aven jekhetane was realized in schools across Slovakia. The program included workshops on Roma dance, concerts featuring Roma music, and special activities for students aimed at developing their empathetic and critical thinking skills. For more info check this out.

March 2024

A critical review of Manifesto by Pavol Viecha has been published on a theatre portal. You can read it in Slovak here.

February 2024

The performance Manifesto is ready to be seen at Žilina Town Theatre! You can watch the report from Television of Slovakia on the opening night and an interview with Pavol Viecha here (in Slovak).

January 2024

Pavol Viecha has started his cooperation with Blind Octopus Studios, a game studio that creates special video games based on narration and sounds. The studio plans to launch a new smartphone game in the next period, featuring the life of Moric Benovsky, a Slovak traveller from the 18th century.

The band O Gadže Bašaven presents the diversity of Roma music with love on their EP Baro Hitos. These are songs old and new, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, all original Roma. Their music is about equality, joy of difference, fire and dance, love and friendship. It will pull you out of your office chair and put you in a colorful carriage that won’t stop tonight. You can listen to it on Spotify or YouTube!

December 2023

Pavol Viecha has started his rehearsals in Zilina Town Theatre! The premiere of the new show about young radicals and supporters of white supremacy will take place in February 2024 under the name Manifesto.

November 2023

Viecha cooperated with the Czech television and DNA Production on the new short series format Vedlejší produkt. The plot tells a story about a detective who investigates a cold case of murder in the Czech republic. As an additional assistant director, Viecha cooperated with the great film director Peter Bebjak. 

October 2023

A great musical collaboration of the Dutch orchestra Tegenwind and the Slovak children choir Superar occurred during the last Dobrý trh street festival in Bratislava, Slovakia. Pavol Viecha prepared and directed the musical parade of more than 70 musicians from both ensembles and led them through the streets of Bratislava! You can watch a video from the show here!

September 2023

Pavol Viecha is going to start his academic career as a pedagogue at the Academy of Performing arts in Bratislava! He will lead students of dramaturgy and directing in creating their own artistic projects. Moreover he is going to give lectures about the history of directing.

Viecha’s performance You will have a Wild Night! takes part in the Kutna Hora Theatre Festival in the Czech republic! See you there!

April 2023

The premiere of You will have a Wild Night! directed by Pavol Viecha is going to happen April 1st in the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Slovakia!
More info in Slovak:

Articles, Reviews and Interviews about You will have a
You will have a Wild Night!

More info in Slovak:

Viecha’s adaptation of novels by Leo Tolstoy and Sophia Tolstaya The Kreutzer Sonata / Whose Fault? was elected for the International Theatre Festival New Comedie (Nová komedie) in Prague, the Czech Republic.

The performance of The Kreutzer Sonata / Whose Fault? will take place April 18th. Part of the festival is a concert of Viecha’s band O Gadže Bašaven which will be after the performance. 

November 2022

The first show of the Tea at the Senator’s directed by Pavol Viecha is going to happen November 27th in the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Slovakia! Read more in Slovak:

You are Between Us (Ste medzi nami), the project of the Slovak National Theatre and the theatre of blind and visually impaired actors Zrakáč directed by Pavol Viecha and Matej Feldbauer was recorded by Slovak Radio and edited to a form of a radio drama! If you missed the chance to see the theatre version in Bratislava, Slovakia, you can listen to this play about experiences of a blind person. The first broadcast is going to transmit on the International Day of the Blind, November 13th, on Radio Devín at 22:00.

October 2022

Father Ferapont was during the last months part of four art festivals! The show was involved in Flaam, LiKE festival, Woodna Stocka, and Fokus Pokus! Thank you for the invitations!

Viecha’s production of You Will Have a Wild Night! (Budete mat luft!) in the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Slovakia about the massacre of Roma people in a village Pobedim in 1928 is announced to launch in April 2023.

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September 2022

Pavol Viecha as a guest at the gala of the 100th anniversary of the oldest and biggest festival of amateur theatre in Slovakia, Scénická žatva. Viecha and other participants of the gala were the former winners of the Main Prize of the festival.

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July 2022

Pavol Viecha as an author of an article in the Code of the Slovak Theatre (KoD – Konkrétne o divadle) newspaper. His essay about the perception of Stanislavski’s system in contemporary theatre was published in the July/August edition of the Code.

May 2022

Pavol Viecha as a guest in the Opera Viva! podcast talking about his new opera project – The Favourite.

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Press Release of The Kreutzer Sonata / Whose Fault? in Žilina Town Theatre, Žilina, Slovakia.

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April 2022

You Are Between Us (Ste medzi nami) in a review!
“After seeing You Are Between Us the audience leaves the theatre with a strong catharsis.”

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March 2022

Press release of Riddikulus! with the interview with the director and playwright Pavol Viecha.

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February 2022

New music video for the song Essential by O Gadže Bašaven!
Video is created by Jana Bučka (direction) and Michal Fulier (camera). Enjoy!

January 2022

O Gadže Bašaven took part in a broadcast on Slovak Television. The members of the band were talking about their strong relationship to Roma music and culture, about their concerts and also about their educational project Aven Jekhetane.

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August 2021

Pavol Viecha as a host in the Zracast podcast. Viecha and his guests Slavo Sokol & Michal Herceg discuss the possibilities of traveling with blind or visually impaired people. What should you have in your backpack when you travel with a blind person in Iceland?

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February 2021

An interview with Pavol Viecha for the Startitup platform. 
An interview with Pavol Viecha and Mojmír Procházka about the KKTV project.

An interview with Pavol Viecha and Mojmír Procházka about the KKTV project.

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December 2020

Pavol Viecha as a host in the Zracast podcast. His guest is Juraj Práger, blind alpinist and cyclist.

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November 2020

Pavol Viecha as a guest in the Zracast podcast where he talks about his director experience in the theatre of blind and visually impaired actors Zrakáč.

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