Tea at the Senator's

(Čaj u pána senátora)
by Ivan Stodola, in an adaptation by Martin Krč and Pavol Viecha

Collaboration of the Slovak National Theatre and the Theatre of Blind and Visually Impaired actors Zrakáč.

The comedy Tea at the Senator’s was written in 1928 and shows the origins of democracy in Czechoslovakia. Common citizens were first confused with the new state establishment and it took longer time to orientate in the new system. That is why we can notice some small weaknesses in their behaviour, weaknesses which don’t exist in our century anymore.
But we should be benevolent to our ancestors. They didn’t have decades of experience and practice which could make them as proud and fair-minded politicians as there are nowadays.


Pavol Viecha

Stage, Lighting, Costume 

Stanislava Nerečová


Martin Krč


Ľuboš Kotlár


Emília Vášáryová, Ján Gallovič, Zuzana Hrebičíková, Martina Lužáková, Antónia Martófová, Lucia Medveď Patáková, Vladimír Cintula, Marek Hlina, Ján Mišľan, Michal Ondruška, Andrej Svetko, Peter Zbranek

Premiered on 27 November 2022

Slovak National Theatre