Father Ferapont

Father Ferapont or the Renaissance of Orthodoxy in our Town
(Otec Ferapont alebo Znovuzrodenie pravoslávia v našom meste) by Daniel Majling
In an adaptation by Martin Krč and Pavol Viecha

Father Ferapont has become very popular in our town since his arrival. His preachings are uncompromising and there are many people who don’t understand them. Some of them say that Father Ferapont believes – as many artists do – that if he makes people angry, it means he is on the right path. But no one can deny his huge enthusiasm for his holy mission. His latest preachings will stay in people’s souls for sure.

Since its first show the Father Ferapont has been invited to many theatre, music or literature festivals as BRaK Festival, Flaam, LiKE festival, Cez prah/Přes práh, Autoriáda, Woodna Stocka, or Fokus Pokus.


Pavol Viecha

Stage, Costume

Dáša Veselovská


Martin Krč


Nina Pacherová


Viktória Šuplatová, Peter Kiss, Kristóf Melecsky


Premiered on 23 December 2021

Romer’s house, o.z. literarnyklub.sk