by Daniela Brezániová and Pavol Viech

The Project Manifesto works with authentic manifestos, diaries, or essays of young people up to 21 years old (during the period of 2021 to 2024). The authors look at the current society through students and young people, who increasingly feel certain skepticism about the current state of our world. Moreover, they find themselves in isolation, exposed to loneliness, but at the same time they have a natural need to identify themselves with others, they want to belong somewhere and this desire can lead them to radicalization and extreme actions such as murders or mass shootings.

Pavol Viecha
Stage, Lighting, Costume
Ján Ptačin
Costume Designer
Terézia Kosová
Andrej Majerčík
Daniela Brezániová
Robert Tappert
Jakub Mrázik/Sebastián Putorík


Natália Fašánková, Iveta Pagáčová, Adam Herich, Michal Koleják

Premiered on 3 February 2024

Žilina Town Theatre