Via Memories

Mobile game

The Project Via Memories, created by the studio Blind Octopus Studios, brings a digital audio game to mobile platforms without significant differences between the gaming experience of a visually impaired and a sighted player. The uniqueness of the game lies in the innovative concept of game control using the available integrated sensors of current mobile devices. The project is based on the life journey of Count Móric Beňovský, who has many Slovak and European achievements and the title of the great king of Madagascar. 


Pavol Viecha

Project Leader:

Jakub Kňažko

Script, Dramaturgy:

Daniel Domorák, Pavol Viecha

Game Design:

Jakub Kňažko, Oto Schultz

Sound Design:

Tomáš Farkaš


Andrej Majerčík


Natália Bubáková, Lukáš Gajdošech, Norbert Hašan, Dávid Kacvinský